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Bosibori Mosongo, BS Econ, Aziz Saglam

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Paul.Honors.COVID and US Labor Market

Sean Orr Reagan Baughman BA Economics

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Mackenzie O'Rourke, BS Economics Advisor: Aziz Saglam

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HONORS.EFFR & Bank Audit Fees

Lucas Jones, Accounting & Finance Advisor: Jonathan Nash

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Sadie Mazzola, BS Economics Honors Advisor: Reagan Baughman

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Competition and Corruption in International Relations

Aislinn Noble Political Science Professor Reardon

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HONORS.Does the emigration of skilled labor from Hungary merit being called a brain drain

Alexa Mayo, Business Administration (IBE) Research Advisor: Marc Herold

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Welcome to the MA and PhD Economics Programs

Michael D. Goldberg, Program Director and Professor of Economics, welcomes students in the MA in Analytical Economics and PhD in Economics programs at Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics…

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Presenter: Dante G. Povinelli, Analytical Economics B.S. Faculty Advisor: Shadi Atallah

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1.The Impacts of Birth Rates on the Gross Domestic Product. 2.Regression analysis, looking a how birth rates will effect a country's GDP. 3. Richard Planchet, ECON-BS, Aziz Saglam.

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Mike Sullivan Ryan Rose Environmental and Resource Economics Majors Research Advisor: Prof. Robert Mohr

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Author: Christian Reardon Major: Economics B.S. Advisor: Aziz Saglam

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Hayden Foley, B.S. Economics and Sociology, Aziz Saglam

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HONORS. The Divided American Dream: Upward Mobility in the U.S.

Enoska Ventura, International Business and Economics Research Advisor: Loris Rubini, Assistant Professor of Economics

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Kevin Murphy B.S. in Business Administration with an option in Finance B.A. in Economics Advisor: Ahmad Etebari

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Andrew Meyer, Analytical Economics(B.S.) Sean Orr, Economics (B.A.) Marry Shotton, Economics: Sustainability and Public Policy Research Advisor: Robert Mohr

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