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THRIVE Spring 2022: Protecting New Hampshire Forests

Jeff Garnas, UNH associate professor of forest ecology, is leading a team of researchers who are addressing the major threats to forests including invasive insects and pathogens and climate change --…

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Ian Steppler hosted by NH Beekeepers

NH Beekeepers Association, Fall Meeting. October 30, 2021Beekeeping in Our Changing Landscape, with Ian StepplerLearn more about Ian at his blog here: by following…

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Grace O'Connor - Finance and SustainabilityJill Durkin - Finance and Economics Hayley Isdale - ISBA and Economics Faculty Advisor: Robert Mohr

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John Hurley, ISBA B.A.Maximilian Watson, Econ B.A.Bryce Barrett, Econ B.A.Andrew Volmar, Econ B.S.Professor Robert Mohr as Advisor

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ECON-CLIMATE.State Level Climate Policies: MA & PA

Sean Walter, B.S. in Finance minor in Economics Jacob Teixeira, B.S. in Finance minor in Sales Professor Robert Mohr

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Author: Camden Hearn, Analytical Economics Author: B McNamara, Environmental Conservation and Sustainability (Econ Minor) Author: Catherine Taylor, Environmental and Resource Economics Advisor:…

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Bosibori Mosongo (B.S. Economics), Peter Logee (B.S. Applied Math: Economics), & Timothy Campbell (B.A. Economics), Economics of Climate Change - Advisor: Robert Mohr

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Bosibori Mosongo (B.S. Economics), Economics Capstone - Advisor Aziz Saglam

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China's Solar Power Renewable Energy

Raymond Staples Political Science and Business Administration Advisor: Professor Lawrence C. Reardon

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China's International Relations with Climate Change

Connor Chamberlin Political Science and Communication Advisor: Professor Lawrence C. Reardon

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China's Reluctance to Lead on Climate Change Policy

Michael Roderick, Political Science Research Advisor: Professor Reardon

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Native Americans and Climate Change

Nicolette Cooper, Major: Athletic Training Minor: Women's Studies Research Advisor: Tamsin Whitehead

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Mike Sullivan Ryan Rose Environmental and Resource Economics Majors Research Advisor: Prof. Robert Mohr

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Andrew Graff Aziz Saglam Economics - B.S

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Economics of California Cap-and-Trade

Ellen Goulding, Economics Robert Iannarilli, Environmental Economics Daniel Pinheiro, Economics Research Advisor: Robert Mohr

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Climate Policy MA & PA URC

Alex Bunnell, Business ADMN (MKTG) Aurora Braswell, Economics Professor Robert Mohr

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