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Marlies Amberger, URC 2021 Presentation

Honors Thesis project of Marlies Amberger -- Shades of Tangerine: A Creative Nonfiction Exploration of Feminism in the 1960s and 1970s. Thesis Advisor, Prof. Jaed Coffin

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The Forgotten History of Women at UNH: The Citizenship School

Annelise Papinsick, Music Performance(Piano)/Humanities Virginia Walsh, Psychology/Humanities Research Advisor: Nicole Ruane

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Native Americans and Climate Change

Nicolette Cooper, Major: Athletic Training Minor: Women's Studies Research Advisor: Tamsin Whitehead

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Las Líderes en las Calles: una Investigación de las Madres de Plaza de Mayo y el Movimiento #NiUnaMenos en Argentina

Brooke Seigars, Spanish and International Affairs Research Adviser: Scott Weintraub

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