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A Comparison in the Rise of Covid-19 - Germany and The United States

Student Presenter: Antonia Schmitz, Major: Psychology Other students in capstone group: Elizabeth Rebuck Delaney McKee Research Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth Caldwell

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Lack of Direction in US-German Relations in the 21st Century Robert Abbott URC 2021 IA

Robert T Abbott Jr. Homeland Security dual International Affairs Smita Lahiri

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Bosibori Mosongo (B.S. Economics), Peter Logee (B.S. Applied Math: Economics), & Timothy Campbell (B.A. Economics), Economics of Climate Change - Advisor: Robert Mohr

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The Infinite War

Benjamin Desrochers: Political Science Advisor: Dr. Lawrence Reardon

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Anthony Tamagnini, Political Science Research Advisor: Professor Lawrence Reardon

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Emigration from Central America

Philip Kaifer, Political Science Research Advisor: Professor Reardon

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Religous Sectors and the Relationship Between the United States and the Holy See

Connor Chamberlin Political Science and Communication Advisor: Professor Lawrence C. Reardon

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A Cross Cultural Comparison Between Gender Equality Policies in Norway and the United States

Jessica Shah Major: International Affairs Advisor: Tom Safford

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Amanda Lee Major: Business Administration - Accounting Advisor: Le Emily Xu

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