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DHHS Preparation for End of Federal Public Health Emergency: Impact on Medicaid and other Benefits

IHPP Health law and policy programs hosted DHHS Medicaid leaders to learn about the pending Medicaid enrollment transition that will be triggered by the end of the federal Public Health Emergency. …

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COVID-19 Rule Compliance in Essential and Non-Essential Workers: Relationship with Psychosocial Factors and Coping

Elizabeth McGowan, Psychology and Justice Studies Research Advisor: Dr. Ellen Cohn

From  Elizabeth McGowan on April 22nd, 2021 0 likes 41 plays 1  

Mental Health and Social Media Impacting Rule Following and Rule Violating Behaviors During COVID-19

Molly O'Shea, Psychology and Justice Studies Major Research Advisor: Dr. Ellen Cohn

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A Comparison in the Rise of Covid-19 - Germany and The United States

Student Presenter: Antonia Schmitz, Major: Psychology Other students in capstone group: Elizabeth Rebuck Delaney McKee Research Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth Caldwell

From  Antonia Schmitz on April 20th, 2021 1 likes 17 plays 0  

Exploring COVID-19 effects on level of food insecurity among college student

Laura Lynch, Dietetics Sarah Waleryszak, Nutritional Sciences Research Advisor: Jessie Stabile Morrell

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Author: John Washburn Economics and Accounting Advisor: Loris Rubini

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Name: Forward Looking Strategy for the Music Industry Author: Matthew Paolucci, Business Administration, dual option Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies Advisor: Andrew Earle

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Cognitions and COVID-19: The Integrated Cognitive Legal Socialization Model during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

Gordon Unzen, Psychology, Philosophy, and Justice Studies Rachel Young, Psychology, Justice Studies, and Women's and Gender Studies Research Advisor: Ellen Cohn This poster represents a paper…

From  Rachel Young on April 16th, 2021 0 likes 9 plays 2  

COVID-19 and The Effects on World’s Most Admired Companies

Justin Mooney, Accounting and Information Systems & Business Analytics Honors Thesis Advisor: Le Emily Xu

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The Neurological/Neuropsychiatric outcomes of COVID-19

Nicolette Barber, Neuropsychology Brigid Ramsden, Psychology Research Advisor: Elizabeth Caldwell

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Author: Jake Hewins Major: Business Administration with a Concentration in Information Systems and Business Analytics Faculty Advisor: Professor Burcu Eke Rubini, Lecturer in the Decision Sciences…

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