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How Automation will Affect the American Workforce

Ethan Rotthoff: Economics BA Timothy Sullivan: Economics BA Cam Hebert: Economics BA

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Brenna Burkett, BA Economics & Accounting Isabelle Kapoian, BA Economics Craig Millard, BA Economics Professor Baughman

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Manish Giri, BS Finance, BA Economics Mohammed Abukhalaf, BA Economics John McDonough, BA Economy s Research Advisor: Reagan Baughman

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ECON-BA.Social-Benefits-Created-Through Cigarette-Taxes

John Washburn Senior Accounting and Economics Riley Burns Senior Economics Samed Ramic Senior Economics Advisor: Reagan Baughman

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ECON-BA. The Effects of Education On Crime Levels

ECON 774 Jack Franco - Economics and History Double Major - Reagan Baughman Isabelle Lovering - Economics - Reagan Baughman Sean French - Economics: Money and financial markets option - Reagan…

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ECON-BA Win or Loss for the American Worker? Examining the Effects of NAFTA​

Chris Laudati, B.A. Economics Jordan Sardo, B.A. Economics Treat Hardy, B.A. Economics Research Advisor: Professor Reagan Baughman

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Grace O'Connor - Finance and SustainabilityJill Durkin - Finance and Economics Hayley Isdale - ISBA and Economics Faculty Advisor: Robert Mohr

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John Hurley, ISBA B.A.Maximilian Watson, Econ B.A.Bryce Barrett, Econ B.A.Andrew Volmar, Econ B.S.Professor Robert Mohr as Advisor

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Author: Matthew Batta Major: Finance Author: Mackenzie Redmond Major: Economics, ISBA Research Advisor: Professor Robert Mohr

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ECON-CLIMATE.State Level Climate Policies: MA & PA

Sean Walter, B.S. in Finance minor in Economics Jacob Teixeira, B.S. in Finance minor in Sales Professor Robert Mohr

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Econ BA.New-Zealand-Emission-Trading-Scheme

Cole Bartlett: Senior Economics and Sustainability Major, John Washburn: Senior Accounting and Economics, Steven McKeen: Senior Marketing and Economics, Logan Slattery: Economics, Advisor: Robert…

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HONORS.How can an economic analysis affect the understanding of a court’s decision

Yanni Kakouris Student Designed Option: International Business Law Advised by James Wible

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Bosibori Mosongo (B.S. Economics), Peter Logee (B.S. Applied Math: Economics), & Timothy Campbell (B.A. Economics), Economics of Climate Change - Advisor: Robert Mohr

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Bosibori Mosongo (B.S. Economics), Economics Capstone - Advisor Aziz Saglam

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Paul.Honors.COVID and US Labor Market

Sean Orr Reagan Baughman BA Economics

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Mackenzie O'Rourke, BS Economics Advisor: Aziz Saglam

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