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DHHS Preparation for End of Federal Public Health Emergency: Impact on Medicaid and other Benefits

IHPP Health law and policy programs hosted DHHS Medicaid leaders to learn about the pending Medicaid enrollment transition that will be triggered by the end of the federal Public Health Emergency. …

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National Disparities in Food Securi-ty, Social Vulnerability and Health Conditions: Considerations for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Alex Papadakis Dr. Semra Aytur Dr. Jess Carson Dr. Amy Taetzsch

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Stressful Life Events and Postpartum Depression

Madison Laurent, Nursing Alyssa O'Brien

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COVID-19 Rule Compliance in Essential and Non-Essential Workers: Relationship with Psychosocial Factors and Coping

Elizabeth McGowan, Psychology and Justice Studies Research Advisor: Dr. Ellen Cohn

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COVID-19 on Campus

Delaney McKee, Psychology Research Advisor: Elizabeth Caldwell

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A Comparison in the Rise of Covid-19 - Germany and The United States

Student Presenter: Antonia Schmitz, Major: Psychology Other students in capstone group: Elizabeth Rebuck Delaney McKee Research Advisor: Prof. Elizabeth Caldwell

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Evaluating the Relationship Between Confidence and Anxiety During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Althea Devereux, Nursing Advisors: Kristen Clark, MSN, RN, Kerry Nolte PhD, FNP-C

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Tooth be Told: The effects of expanding access and coverage for oral health services on health outcomes and patient well-being in the United States

Author: Ajaypal Panesar Major: Economics (B.A.) Research Advisor: Bradley Herring

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A Comparison of Health Habits between Nursing and Non-nursing Majors

Reilly Gilmour, Nursing Advisor: Eileen Hollis, MSN, RN-BC, CNL

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Impact of Data Analytics and Infrastructure on Healthcare and Consumer Retail Industries

Lucas Appleton: Business Administration, Information Systems and Business Analytics Brandon Clark: Business Administration, Information Systems and Business Analytics John Hurley: Information Systems…

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Daniella Sirois: Finance, ISBA Grant Workman: ISBA Jenna Fraiser: Finance, ISBA Jake Malatesta: ISBA Research Advisor: Russell Miles

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The Illiberal Nature of the Global Gag Rule

Zoe Dawson, International Affairs (capstone project Fall 2020), Professor Smita Lahiri

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