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Joanna Spear: Firms' foreign policies, the case of COVID vaccines, September 2023

NHIS lecture given by Dr. Joanna Spear (George Washington University) about her research into the foreign policy and diplomacy behaviors of COVID vaccine firms. September 28, 2023.

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COVID-19 on Campus

Delaney McKee, Psychology Research Advisor: Elizabeth Caldwell

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Evaluating the Relationship Between Confidence and Anxiety During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Althea Devereux, Nursing Advisors: Kristen Clark, MSN, RN, Kerry Nolte PhD, FNP-C

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Paul.Honors.COVID and US Labor Market

Sean Orr Reagan Baughman BA Economics

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Author Name: Hannah CarrollMajor: Business Administration: Marketing and ISBAResearch Advisor: Ali Hojjat

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A Tale of Two Cities: An Analysis of the US COVID-19 Response

Elizabeth Rebuck, Psychology Research Advisor: Professor Elizabeth Caldwell

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Running History and Injury Status in Female Current and Former Division 1 Distance Runners During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Violet E. Sullivan, Exercise Science Faculty Mentor: Summer B. Cook, Ph.D.

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Cognitions and COVID-19: The Integrated Cognitive Legal Socialization Model during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

Gordon Unzen, Psychology, Philosophy, and Justice Studies Rachel Young, Psychology, Justice Studies, and Women's and Gender Studies Research Advisor: Ellen Cohn This poster represents a paper…

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COVID-19's Impact on the Human Trafficking Industry: A Case Study in New Hampshire

Brittany Dunkle, Anthropology and Justice Studies Faculty Advisor: Dr. Casey Golomski

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COVID-19 Webinar Series - Pandemics Through History

Professors Molly Dorsey, Jessica Lepler, Liz Mellyn & Julia Rodriguez from the history department at UNH talk about the history of pandemics.

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