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US Tech Giants VS The Great Firewall

Kiarra Austin, Political Science and Professor Reardon POLT 566

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How Automation will Affect the American Workforce

Ethan Rotthoff: Economics BA Timothy Sullivan: Economics BA Cam Hebert: Economics BA

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Brenna Burkett, BA Economics & Accounting Isabelle Kapoian, BA Economics Craig Millard, BA Economics Professor Baughman

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Uses Unaddressed: How Social Technologies Tacitly Allow Gender-Based Violence

Brooke Marston, Communication Research Advisor: Nora Draper

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Perspectives on the End of Capitalism in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Author: Deniz Kayhan '21 (Majors: Political Science & International Affairs. Minors: Economics & Russian) Research Advisor: Professor Elizabeth Carter

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Global Governance

Author: Deniz Kayhan '21 (Majors: Political Science & International Affairs. Minors: Economics & Russian) Research Advisor: Professor Thomas Safford

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Forest Technology: An Overview

Forestry is an exciting and rewarding career field in which practitioners work to solve today’s pressing natural resource and environmental challenges. As a forest technology student at UNH,…

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Protesting in the Age of Technology

Audrey Hettinger: Political Science & International Affairs Advisor: Smita Lahiri

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UNH Enterprise Technology & Services

Enterprise Technology & Services provides the technology you need, whenever and wherever you need it. This video is for new students attending the virtual UNH Resource Fair, June 2020. For…

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Value Driven Science and Artificial Intelligence

Liliana Mangan, Philosophy Research Advisor: Sabrena Smith

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Author: Christian Reardon Major: Economics B.S. Advisor: Aziz Saglam

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Catherine Francis, Accounting and Business Analytics Faculty Advisor: Linda Ragland

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High Schoolers & Healthy Relationship Attitudes: The Role of Gender and Mobile Phone Usage

Co-Author: Allison Cross, Psychology & Justice Studies Co-Author: Mari Tarantino, Human Development and Family Studies Advisors: Dr. Elizabeth Moschella, Hannah Drake, Dr. Delilah Smith, Dr.…

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Chinese Subsidies in the Solar Energy Technology Industry

Darby O'Neil, Political Science and International Affairs Research Advisors: Prof. Reardon, Prof.Sowers

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HONORS.Understanding the Importance and Impact of Technology in an Accounting Setting: Work Outcomes and Relationships with Clients

Megan Elwell, Accounting & Finance major Research Advisor: Professor Le Emily Xu

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