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Student Hire Ticket Demo

Step by step video walking through submitting an actual Student Hire Request ticket.

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Student Hire Instruction Page

Training video that gives an detailed explanation of the student hire request instructions page. This video is best to watch prior to submitting a student hire request.

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A message from Kenneth Holmes

Our goal is to keep campus as open as possible, and to do that, we need to all work together to keep case rates as low as possible. You all know by now that masks are required in classrooms, labs,…

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The Effect of Socioeconomic Status on Students’ Attitudes Toward Student Debt

Nicole Sarette: Sociology and Justice StudiesResearch Advisor: Dr. Cliff Brown

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ECON-BA. The-Effects-of-Student-Loan-Debt-On-Homeownership

Author: Aidan Kittredge, B.A. Economics Author: Cody Schoolcraft, B.S. Economics Author: Joseph Henderson, B.A. Economics: Public Policy & Sustainability Research Advisor: Professor Reagan…

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UNH Student Health Benefit Plan

Check out this video to learn the answers to common questions students and families have about health insurance and the Student Health Benefit Plan at UNH!

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UNH Transfer Peer Mentor 2020-2021

Sign up today for a Transfer Peer Mentor for the 2020-2021 year!

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Student Leadership Awards 2020

Please enjoy the 2020 Student Leadership Awards Virtual Celebration. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the recipients!

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Alina Harris, UNH Agricultural Sciences Grad Student

Alina Harris '19G is a student in UNH's agricultural sciences master's program. Find out what she's doing and why she loves doing it at New Hampshire's flagship research…

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myCourses Grade override

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iClicker - How to set up iClicker

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iClicker - Running a Polling Session

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iClicker - Gradebook

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myCourses - Change Quiz Due Date for one student

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ATI panel - ATI 2019

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Martha Burtis - ATI 2019

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