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THRIVE Spring 2022: Conserving Coastlines

UNH researchers Gregg Moore, David Burdick and Alyson Eberhardt have received $3.1 million from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for an innovative project that will protect the Great Marsh,…

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Author: Matthew Batta Major: Finance Author: Mackenzie Redmond Major: Economics, ISBA Research Advisor: Professor Robert Mohr

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China's Reluctance to Lead on Climate Change Policy

Michael Roderick, Political Science Research Advisor: Professor Reardon

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Environmental Ableism: Who Are Environmental Best Practices For?

Evan England, Sociology Research Advisor: Tom Safford

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Environmental Conservation and Sustainability: An Overview

Students study environmental conservation and sustainability because they share a vision of a future where people live with respect for the Earth’s natural systems and each other. Examine the…

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Department of Natural Resources and the Environment: An Overview

The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment (NREN) integrates the applied social sciences and natural resources sciences, enabling a holistic, integrated. and sustainable approach to…

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Environmental Sciences: An Overview

Environmental sciences is an interdisciplinary field concerned with the interaction of biological, chemical, and physical processes that shape our natural environment. UNH is a recognized leader in…

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Marketing Workshop Bear~Paw URC Presentation

Samantha Galvin, Marketing and Accounting Caroline Tucker, Marketing Liam Smith, Marketing and Finance Marissa Capone, Marketing Nicholas Fay, Marketing Research Advisor: Peter Masucci

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Presenter: Dante G. Povinelli, Analytical Economics B.S. Faculty Advisor: Shadi Atallah

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Environmental Justice Policy Framework in the United States

Devon Guyer: Environmental Conservation and Sustainability, Justice Studies Advisor: Cliff Brown

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Andrew Meyer, Analytical Economics(B.S.) Sean Orr, Economics (B.A.) Marry Shotton, Economics: Sustainability and Public Policy Research Advisor: Robert Mohr

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Andrew Graff Aziz Saglam Economics - B.S

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ECON-CLIMATE.Australia's Climate Policies

Nicholas Nilsen, Economics, Public Policy and Sustainability Ben Gallahue, Environmental Resource Economics Matthew Quirk, Political Science Research Advisor: Robert Mohr

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Delaney Housley, Business Administration: Finance Major Research Advisor: Stephen Ciccone

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Citizen Science Evening Presentation: Clyde

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Remote Sensing Overview Presentation: Palace

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