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Increment and Decrement Effects in Motion Induced Blindness

Sofia Lombardo Psychology and Justice Studies Dual Major Advisor: Bill Stine

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Boring Ideas: Exploring Boredom as an Incubator to Creativity💭

Dr. Caitlin Mills- Principle Investigator of ACC LabLauren Flynn (Senior)- Double major in Psychology and Human Development & Family StudiesCatherine McGrath (Senior)- Psychology major and…

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Examination of Individual Differences in Source-Based Writing

Presenter: Isabella A. Craig, Psychology Advisers: Laura Allen, Sarah Creer, Puren Oncel

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Investigating Individuals' Experiences of Visualization While Reading Narrratives

Kennis E. Barker, Catarina Santos, Puren Oncel, Sarah D. Creer, Laura K. Allen. Majors Kennis Barker: Classics and Psychology Catarina Santos: Psychology Research Advisor: Laura K. Allen

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