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A Letter to Elektra

Alexandra Vergara, English Teaching Research Adviser: Shelley Girdner

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Participation and Motivation in an Online, Collaborative, Out-of-School Writing Program

Mia Brikiatis: English Teaching and Dual Educational Studies Major Aleigha Raymond: English and Dual Educational Studies Major Research Advisors: Bethany Silva and Barbara Peterson

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WA 2020 video

Writing Academy closing ceremony slide show

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Ari Faro, The Remaining Ash

URC Presentation and Reading

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What Goes Into a Novel? Keenan Dunleavy

URC Presentation - Advisor, Prof. Clark Knowles

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Examination of Individual Differences in Source-Based Writing

Presenter: Isabella A. Craig, Psychology Advisers: Laura Allen, Sarah Creer, Puren Oncel

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The Falstiad by Zach Lewis

Howard Zachary Lewis, English Research Advisor: Tom Payne

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ATI Keynote Speaker Alexis Clifton

Summer 2018 Academic Technology Institute Keynote, Alexis Clifton discusses Open Education Resources (OER).

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