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Neuroscience and Behavior: An Overview

Neuroscience and behavior is a multidisciplinary field that seeks to understand the complex relationship between the nervous system and behavior in humans and other animals. The neuroscience and…

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Applied Animal Science: An Overview

At UNH's Applied Animal Science program, you will handle farm animals starting week one. Labs and comprehensive animal facilities introduce you to a wide range of subjects and give you firsthand…

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Animal Science: An Overview

The animal science major at UNH provides a strong foundation in animal nutrition, reproduction, genetics and physiology, preparing you for careers in animal agriculture or further studies in…

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UNH URC 2020 - Green sea urchins need friends: Decision making and risk in Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis in competitive and non-competitive foraging environments

Green sea urchins (Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis) have unique foraging behaviors not currently understood. Pilot studies have examined these behaviors with captive urchins and have noted that…

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Applied Animal Science (Associate Degree) Info Session

For students interested in working in the highly technical and rapidly changing field of farm animal production and management, the Thompson School’s Applied Animal Science program offers…

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A Comparison of Welfare Considerations Among Captive Animals

Emily Dunlop, Zoology Research Adviser: Dr. Jessica Bolker

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