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Nutrition Major: An Overview

Nutrition is the study of food, the nutrients found in food, and the body’s metabolism of these nutrients to maintain and promote health. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in…

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UNH Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness is here to help you learn to get well and stay well. Learn more here: - -

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Health and Wellness Medical Services_Peter Degnan

Learn about medical services offered at the Health and Wellness Center. You can find out here about services available regarding an illness, injury treatment, radiology and other issues.

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Health Education and Support Services_Kathleen Grace-Bishop

Learn about which services are provided by our Health and Wellness center. Find out about making an appointment, joining a meditation class, nutrition, health and wellness education, and many other…

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Heath& Wellness Insurance_Cindy McGahey_

Learn about UNH health insurance and student benefits plan.

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