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Understanding Interpersonal Trust and Task-Unrelated Thought Through Computer-Mediated Health Conversations

Tyler Stetson, Neuroscience and Behavior; Alexander Colby, Ph.D. Candidate; Dr. Caitlin Mills

From  Tyler Stetson on April 15th, 2021 0 likes 10 plays 0  

Boring Ideas: Exploring Boredom as an Incubator to Creativity

Catherine McGrath, Psychology Research Advisor: Caitlin Mills, PhD

From  Catherine McGrath on May 9th, 2020 1 likes 21 plays 0  

The Sound of Inattention: Predicting Mind Wandering with Automatically Derived Features of Instructor Speech

Ian Gliser, Neuroscience and Behavior Research Advisor: Caitlin Mills

From  Ian Gliser on April 25th, 2020 0 likes 7 plays 0  

Engaging Conversation: How Emotion Words Influence Mind Wandering via CMC

Alexandra Ecker, Neuroscience and Behavior B.S. Tyler Stetson, Neuroscience and Behavior B.S. Alexander Colby, Psychology Ph.D. candidate Laura Allen, Research Advisor Caitlin Mills, Research Advisor

From  Tyler Stetson on April 21st, 2020 0 likes 19 plays 0  

Mind Over Matter: Exploring how mindset affects mind wandering

Cierra Cowan, Neuroscience & Behavior; English Alexis Loyed, Psychology Research Advisor: Dr. Caitlin Mills

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