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Mental Health and Social Media Impacting Rule Following and Rule Violating Behaviors During COVID-19

Molly O'Shea, Psychology and Justice Studies Major Research Advisor: Dr. Ellen Cohn

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LGBTQ Representation in the Show Friends

Sarah DeSimone, Communication and Political Science Research Advisor: Professor Joseph Terry

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Campaigning With The Stars: The Growing Intersection Between Fandom and Politics

Brooke Marston, Communication Research Advisor: Michael Soha

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Best Practices in Social Media Engagement & Measurement for Research Centers

Authors: Emily Desormier (Majors: English Literature and Communication) and Charlotte Stansbury (Communication) Research Advisor: Michelle Lynch

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Before and After #MeToo: Investigating how the Media Discusses Male Perpetrated Sexual Violence

Maya Coykendall, Social Work, Dr. Jennifer O'Brien

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Breaking News: Journalism is at the Brink of Extinction

Jamie Azulay, English/Journalism & Communication Research Advisers: Michael Soha and R. Michael Jackson

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Rich Media Survival Guide

In this edition we cover what it takes to create a media project start to finish. The process is also detailed in the Student Survival Guide and follows the plan, capture, edit, finalize steps of…

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[Thesis] Artificial Intelligence as a Disinformation Engine

Read the paper: With the help of his mentor, Professor Nick Smith, during the summer of 2019, Dylan researched how new developments in…

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Building Your List of Target Employers with LinkedIn UNH Alumni

This video is a CaPS tutorial on how to build your list of target employers using LinkedIn's alumni search feature. To learn more about Career and Professional Success at UNH:…

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Megxit & Social Media, Sophia Kurzius

URC Presentation - Advisor, Prof. Sue Hertz

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Patriot Resilience Leadership Institute URC Presentation

Cassidy Bartlett, Marketing & ISBA Cortlynn Danby, Marketing & Management Michael Dateo, Marketing Alexa Guerrieri, Marketing & Management Shivani Sudan, Marketing Research Advisor:…

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Social Media's Impact on Mental Health

Alayna Blodgett : Sociology and Women's Studies Research Advisor: Rebecca Glauber

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"They Said It, Not Me”: Effects of Internalized Misogyny on Endorsement of Social Media Judgements

Authors Elizabeth Rebuck, Psychology Ciara Deveraux, Biology Sonthaya Lacy, Neuroscience and BehaviorResearch Advisor: Jaime YoungResearch Advisor: Jolie Wormwood

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[URC] Artificial Intelligence as a Disinformation Engine

With the help of his mentor, Professor Nick Smith, during the summer of 2019, Dylan researched how new developments in artificial intelligence are enabling the mass manufacture and distribution of…

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HONORS.Analyzing the Social Media Presence of Nike, Adidas, and New Balance Using Social Listening

Sean Fontaine, Business Administration: Marketing and Finance, Matthew O'Hern

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Constructing a Kazakh National Identity: The Role of Gender Dynamics in Kazakhstan’s Urban Landscape and Mediascape

Darby O'Neil, Political Science and International Affairs Research Advisor: Prof. Peshkova

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