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Uruguay's Bold Experiment: Assessing the Impact of Marijuana Decriminalization

Emily Soule, Economics B.A. and Political Science Research Advisor: Dr. Mary Malone

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Sydney Carlisle, Business Admin. - Accounting & ES Research Advisor William Knowles

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Presidents and the U.S. Constitution

Mitchell Scacchi, Political Science, Professor Susan Siggelakis

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Welcome to UNH FP Law Library

A quick introduction to the UNH FP Law Library.

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Carsey School Roundup: Research into Public Trust of Law Enforcement in an Age of Video Surveillance

Michele Holt-Shannon, Director of New Hampshire Listens, sits down with Dan Bromberg, Director of Academics at Carsey, to discuss his research into police body-worn cameras and how law enforcement…

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The Professionalization of the Maine and New Hampshire State Police

Samuel Mercer, B.S. Chemical Engineering Research Advisor: Alex Holznienkemper

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