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Remembering Mosul: Digital Documentation and Preservation of a Ruined City

Hello, welcome to this presentation on our digital humanities project. Today, as a cohort of students, we will be discussing our involvement in the Remembering Mosul web archive project, which is a…

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Historical Clothing Recreation

Rebecca Holland, Anthropology and Philosophy major Research Advisor- Amy Michael

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North Korea's Funding of Nuclear Program

Author- Andrew Cavanagh, Economics Major Research Advisor- Professor Christopher Reardon

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Systemic Racism in France and the United States: An Analysis of Policies and Historical Practices that Led to the 2020 Black Lives Matter Marches

Shaelyn Frost French and International Affairs Dr Smita Lahiri

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COVID-19 Webinar Series - Pandemics Through History

Professors Molly Dorsey, Jessica Lepler, Liz Mellyn & Julia Rodriguez from the history department at UNH talk about the history of pandemics.

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#82, Does Dimorphism Predict Life History Characteristics in Australian Passeriformes

Carissa Charbonneau, Wildlife and Conservation Biology Dr. Leslie Curren, Department of Biological Sciences

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History Department Undergraduate Research Conference, April 23, 2020

History Department Undergraduate Research Conference Spring 2020

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Does dimorphism predict life history characteristics in Australian Passeriformes?

Carissa Charbonneau, Wildlife & Conservation Biology Dr. Leslie Curren, Department of Biological Sciences

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TODAY! 12-3PM - Hist Dept URC

Join us from 12-3 PM today! ZOOM link: SCHEDULE OF PAPER PRESENTATION: 12:00-1:00 PM - Revolution and Urban Change (Moderator: Sara Wolper)-…

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Traditional Palestinian Dress

Rebecca Holland, Anthropology and Philosophy Research Advisor- Svetlana Peshkova

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The Professionalization of the Maine and New Hampshire State Police

Samuel Mercer, B.S. Chemical Engineering Research Advisor: Alex Holznienkemper

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Agnodice, The First Woman Doctor of Ancient Greece

An exploration of the myth of Agnodice, who was said to have been the first woman to become a doctor in ancient Athens in order to treat other women, by Professor Stephen M. Trzaskoma of the UNH…

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Martha Burtis - ATI 2019

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Jess Mitchell

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J. William Harris Faculty Excellence 2012

J. Wiilam Harris Faculty Excellence 2012

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6-Treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders

Watch this panel discussion at the NH Citizens Health Initiative's Behavioral Health Integration Learning Collaborative session Suicide Prevention and Substance Use Disorders: Optimizing Care…

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