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Comparative in silico Analysis of Bromodomain-Containing Regulatory Complexes in Apicomplexan Parasites

Alyssa Greig, Biomedical Sciences: Medical Microbiology Research Advisor: Vicki Jeffers

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Author Name: Samuel Hetu, Finance & ISBA Research Advisor: Michael Hanlon Research Advisor: Mihail Miletkov

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Personally Motivated: How Personal Intelligence and Motivation Relate

Aislinn Low, Neuroscience and Behavior Research Advisor: Dr. John Mayer Research Advisor: Hannah Lightcap

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Resting State Effective Connectivity Differences Between High Ruminators and Low Ruminators

Brandon Austin Smith: Biomedical Sciences Research Adviser: Dr. Robert S. Ross

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Are You Sabotaging Your Own Relationship? A Dyadic Analysis of Emotion Regulation in Romantic Relationships

Authors: Tracy Fister (Psychology), Meredith Baker (Psychology) Research Advisor: Katherine Lee

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Hesse, Richard

Retired Faculty

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Brown, Peter

Retired Faculty

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