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Factor Fiction? Identifying a Putative Toxoplasma gondii Transcriptional Complex

Julia Paquette, Biomedical Science: Medical Microbiology Research advisors: Vicki Jeffers, Krista Fleck

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Current Dog Breeding Practices Impacts on Health and Preservation of Purebred Dogs

Bridget Baker, Genetics Research Advisor: Jessica Bolker

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ANFS Seminar: Kelly Vining, 9 Sept., 2019

Specialty Crop Genomics: A Pacific Northwest Perspective. Note: Due to technical difficulties, sound is intermittent (mostly off) from the start of the video until nearly 4 minutes into the seminar…

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ANFS Seminar: Tom Davis, 8 March 2019

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ANFS Seminar: Petr Smykal, 8 Feb 2019

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First Round 2018 Three minute Thesis Devon O'Rourke PhD Molecular and Evolution Systems Biology

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