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Systemic Racism in France and the United States: An Analysis of Policies and Historical Practices that Led to the 2020 Black Lives Matter Marches

Shaelyn Frost French and International Affairs Dr Smita Lahiri

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Color-Blind Racism at UNH

Emma Watts, Sociology Research Advisor: Rebecca Glauber

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The Neurological/Neuropsychiatric outcomes of COVID-19

Nicolette Barber, Neuropsychology Brigid Ramsden, Psychology Research Advisor: Elizabeth Caldwell

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The Evolution of Assigned Reading: The Diversity in New Hampshire High School Reading and Student Reading Engagement

Julian Maduro, English/Justice Studies Research Advisor: Dr. Laura Smith

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How diversity affects vigilance displays in multispecies groups of birds

Jessica Tremblay, B.S Zoology Research Advisor: Dr. Leslie Curren

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ANFS Seminar: Dave Mortensen, 29 Mar 2019

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ANFS Seminar: Petr Smykal, 8 Feb 2019

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JD78 Brown, Kenneth and Parodi, Robert Angle 2

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