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Author Name: Emily Baker Major: Anthropology Research Advisor: Pr. Svetlana Peshkova

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Constructing an Osteobiography: A Biological Profile and Historical Custody Investigation

Kyana Burgess, Anthropology and Sustainability Dual Major Victoria Slight, Anthropology and Justice Studies Dual Major Research Advisor: Dr. Amy Michael

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COVID-19's Impact on the Human Trafficking Industry: A Case Study in New Hampshire

Brittany Dunkle, Anthropology and Justice Studies Faculty Advisor: Dr. Casey Golomski

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Biases in Murder Investigations

Emily Dolloff-Holt, Anthropology Kailey Parker, Anthropology Research Advisor: Amy Michael

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Jess Mitchell

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JD78 Schain, Howard

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JD76 Wood, Douglas

Conducted via Zoom with A. J. Kierstead

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JD78 Buxton, Anthony

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Dickinson, Joseph

Retired Faculty

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Brown, Peter

Retired Faculty

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JD77 Pinsonneault, Dave

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ATI Keynote Speaker Alexis Clifton

Summer 2018 Academic Technology Institute Keynote, Alexis Clifton discusses Open Education Resources (OER).

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