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Yang_Wang_LLC790 final presentation

LLC 790 Capstone Project Presentation (by Yang Wang)

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An analysis (through a podcast) of coffee as an introduction into the cultural values of a specific place and an examination of what coffee means in different cultures. Coffee is a vehicle through…

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Effective language learning methods that polyglots use. Defining fluency and discussing how to attain it.

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LLC 790 alum panel #2 (Fall 2021)

LLC alums Faith Corneille (Spanish), Sarah Hewitt Chipley (French) and Meg Morgan (Spanish) join LLC 790 World Languages capstone students and Prof. Holly Cashman on October 21, 2021.

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LLC 790 alum panel #1 (Fall 2021)

LLC alums Avary Thorne (Russian), Abe Schafermeyer (Spanish), Rebecca Salois (Spanish) and Megan Ross (Spanish) join students in the LLC 790 capstone course and Prof. Holly Cashman for a Q&A on…

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