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Community-Based Solar Lending: Bringing Clean Energy to Low-Income Communities

Michael Swack and Eric Hangen of the Center for Impact Finance (CIF) at the Carsey School of Public Policy led a presentation and Q&A on methods of bringing clean energy to low-income communities…

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China's Solar Power Renewable Energy

Raymond Staples Political Science and Business Administration Advisor: Professor Lawrence C. Reardon

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Samuel Mabile, Analytical Economics Research Advisor: Professor Ju-Chin Huang

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Over the last decade, solar energy generation and utilization has increased, primarily driven by environmental concerns related to fossil fuels as well as various incentive programs that aim to…

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Chinese Subsidies in the Solar Energy Technology Industry

Darby O'Neil, Political Science and International Affairs Research Advisors: Prof. Reardon, Prof.Sowers

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First Round 2018 Three Minute Tehsis Fatemeh Rahmanifard PhD Physics

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