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COLSA THRIVE Video: Sustainable Agriculture at UNH

Watch a video featuring Becky Sideman, professor of sustainable horticulture production, two alumni, Tyler Murray ’18 and Shelby Anderson ‘18, co-owners of Doobeedoo Farm in Lee, New…

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Exploring Sustainable Library Resources

Sabrina Brown English Text, Business Writing, and Digital Studies Research Advisor: Molly Campbell

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Sustainability Website Research

Brayden Danforth, ENGL TBD and Sustainability Dual Major Research Advisor: Molly Campbell

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Althea Ansah, Nutrition & Wellness and EcoGastronomy Dual Major, Eleni Ottalagana (Mentor) and Dan Winans (Advisor).

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Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems: An Overview

Sustainable agriculture and food systems is a broad field integrating the natural sciences, social sciences, and business skills, plus much more. Sustainable agriculture and food systems are key to…

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UNH Research Supports Fruit & Vegetable Producers in NH and Beyond

Professor and Extension State Specialist Becky Sideman explain what she (and her students) are doing to help fruit and vegetable producers in New Hampshire and beyond.

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Sean Fogarty VIDEO

Sean Fogarty '18, '20G is an agricultural sciences master's degree student studying food safety in aquaponic systems.

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