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Augment the Astrolabe - Creative Interplay Between the Arts & Sciences

* headphones recommended * slides: This was a recording of an event that I hosted at UNH in…

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2021_SMSOE Graduate Research Symposium

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Towards Superpower: The Development and modernization of China's Military in the Recent Years

Peng Yongyao, Major: Political Science, Research Advisor: Professor Lawrence C. Reardon

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Exploring Sustainable Library Resources

Sabrina Brown English Text, Business Writing, and Digital Studies Research Advisor: Molly Campbell

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Piper Gibson: Care Ethics, Disability, & Public Policy

Piper Gibson, Philosophy & Political Science Major Completed under the advisement of Professor Charlotte Witt and Professor Tama Andrews

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A Global Audience: China’s Relationship with the American Film Industry

Emily Tomasi, Political Science and International Affairs '22 Research Advisor: Prof. Reardon

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A Comparison of Online and Face-to-Face PLTL in Chemistry Courses

Olivia Henriques, Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology Research Advisor: Dr. Christopher Bauer

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China's International Relations with Climate Change

Connor Chamberlin Political Science and Communication Advisor: Professor Lawrence C. Reardon

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The Relationship Between Political Affiliation and Support for Black Lives Matter at UNH

Katherine Legier, Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies Research Adviser: Professor Rebecca Glauber

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Assessing the Integration of Sub-Scales to Improve Automated Essay Scoring

Sean M. Kohlbrenner, Computer Science Research Adviser: Laura K. Allen

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Running History and Injury Status in Female Current and Former Division 1 Distance Runners During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Violet E. Sullivan, Exercise Science Faculty Mentor: Summer B. Cook, Ph.D.

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A Changing Political System: Democratic Backsliding and its Effects on Human Rights in Hungary

Emily Tomasi, Political Science and International Affairs '22 Research Advisor: Prof. Thomas Safford

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Political Cooperation After Longstanding Animus Historical Analysis

William Johnson - Political Science and Communication - Pr. Reardon

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A Comparison of Governmental Systems of the Maghreb

Avery Judd, Political Science/International Affairs Research Advisor: Smita Lahiri

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Competition and Corruption in International Relations

Aislinn Noble Political Science Professor Reardon

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SITL Ground Loop: Automated Selection of MP Crossings in the SITL Workflow

Colin Small, Computer Science Research Adviser: Dr. Matthew Argall, Dr. Marek Petrik

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