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Systemic Racism in France and the United States: An Analysis of Policies and Historical Practices that Led to the 2020 Black Lives Matter Marches

Shaelyn Frost French and International Affairs Dr Smita Lahiri

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The Fragile Relationship Between Police Officers and Citizens in an Age of Video Surveillance

Dan Bromberg, Director of Academics for the Carsey School of Public Policy, discusses his research into police body-worn cameras and how law enforcement trust in citizens, the media, and fellow…

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Hampton Police Department Presentation

Connor Allwood, Marketing Ethan Floyd, Marketing Xiangxiang (Nicky) Huang, Marketing Theresa MacDowell, Marketing & Sustainability Emily Morris, Marketing Research Advisor: Peter Masucci

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UNH Students Perception of UNH Police

Angela Hurley, Sociology and Justice Studies Advisors: Cesar Rebellon and Amanda Fontaine

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Housing - SAFETY on campus

short video about living safely on campus

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