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Race and the American Dream

Emma Watts, Sociology Research Advisor: Ryan Gibson

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A Look into the Lived Experience of Food Insecure Students at the University of New Hampshire

Emmalyn Casteris majors Linguistics and Women's and Gender Studies Research Advisor Siobhan Senior

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A Changing Political System: Democratic Backsliding and its Effects on Human Rights in Hungary

Emily Tomasi, Political Science and International Affairs '22 Research Advisor: Prof. Thomas Safford

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Best Practices in Social Media Engagement & Measurement for Research Centers

Authors: Emily Desormier (Majors: English Literature and Communication) and Charlotte Stansbury (Communication) Research Advisor: Michelle Lynch

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Influence of Sign Language on an Adolescent with Developmental Delay: Single-Case Design

Kaitlyn Seamans, Occupational TherapyResearch Advisor: Dr. Lou Ann Griswold

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Protesting in the Age of Technology

Audrey Hettinger: Political Science & International Affairs Advisor: Professor Smita Lahiri

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[Thesis] Artificial Intelligence as a Disinformation Engine

Read the paper: With the help of his mentor, Professor Nick Smith, during the summer of 2019, Dylan researched how new developments in…

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Learning the Skills to Communicate Research: A Conversation with Jess Carson, Ph.D.

Learn about the intersection of Research and Communication in a conversation with Dan Bromberg, Director of Academic Programs, and Jessica Carson, Research Assistant Professor at Carsey, as they…

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Building Your List of Target Employers with LinkedIn UNH Alumni

This video is a CaPS tutorial on how to build your list of target employers using LinkedIn's alumni search feature. To learn more about Career and Professional Success at UNH:…

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Megxit & Social Media, Sophia Kurzius

URC Presentation - Advisor, Prof. Sue Hertz

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Patriot Resilience Leadership Institute URC Presentation

Cassidy Bartlett, Marketing & ISBA Cortlynn Danby, Marketing & Management Michael Dateo, Marketing Alexa Guerrieri, Marketing & Management Shivani Sudan, Marketing Research Advisor:…

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Social Media's Impact on Mental Health

Alayna Blodgett : Sociology and Women's Studies Research Advisor: Rebecca Glauber

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Las Líderes en las Calles: una Investigación de las Madres de Plaza de Mayo y el Movimiento #NiUnaMenos en Argentina

Brooke Seigars, Spanish and International Affairs Research Adviser: Scott Weintraub

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Environmental Justice Policy Framework in the United States

Devon Guyer: Environmental Conservation and Sustainability, Justice Studies Advisor: Cliff Brown

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