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Health Occupations and Pre-Professional Pathways Panel

This event was designed to expand students’ understanding of the wide array of opportunities available with a nutrition degree. Alumni panelists shared their career trajectories, experience,…

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Mindful Eating and Metabolic Syndrome Among UNH College Students

Rachel Zampini, Nutrition/Dietetics Research Advisor: Dr. Maggie Dylewski Begis

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Supplementation of a Leucine-Enriched Dairy Protein Blend: Effect on Plasma Amino Acids in Older Adults

Francis Gesel, a senior exercise science major presents this research. His faculty mentors were Dr. LaRoche from the University of New Hampshire and Dr. Phillips and Dr. Traylor from McMaster…

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Determinants of Undernourishment

Lani Stevens, Analytical Economics, Advisor Aziz Saglam

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ANFS Seminar: Featured Graduate Students, 19 Apr 2019

Includes the following presentations: Crysta Harris - Evaluating wood fiber soilless substrates for effects on plant performance and nutrient management. Liza Degenring - The effect of substrate on…

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